Xbox One S and X Will Download Different Game Assets

Xbox One S and X Will Download Different Game Assets

The game is scheduled to arrive on PC and Xbox One on October 3rd. From there, you can find any game you want and install it on your Xbox One. But this high resolution will not be without consequences. So even if you own a 4K TV hooked up to an Xbox One S you won't benefit from downloading 4K assets. 4K UHDTVs made up 25% of all televisions sold in 2016, FutureSource reports, and the adoption of 4K TVs is expected to rise 38% in 2017 to account for more than a third of all TVs sold. The Xbox One X launches on November 7th at £449 (including VAT).

Xbox division head Phil Spencer has frequently explained that the $499 Xbox One X isn't for everyone, but is aimed at consumers who want high-end console experiences.

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It's also worth noting the Xbox One S can output at 4K, but it does so by upscaling 1080p visuals. This ability to intelligently install the best assets for each console and language are available on all Xbox One devices, and it will be up to the developer of the game to determine the specific implementation. Let us know in the comments. To help navigate, there is also a new filter for the Windows Store.

Microsoft may be behind in the console race, but the company has built strong monetization momentum with Xbox LIVE to make up for slow console sales. These five new titles that have been added to the growing backward compatible list of games work the same way as those previously announced, and gamers will be able to play them if they have already purchased the game, digitally or hard copy for the Xbox 360. The update is now being rolled out to Windows 10 users on PC.