Ant-Covered Newborn Found Abandoned near Texas Apartment

Ant-Covered Newborn Found Abandoned near Texas Apartment

A crying infant was discovered abandoned in the bushes of an apartment complex in Harris County Thursday morning. "Bro.that's insane. Somebody left their baby out here.you gotta call 911, bro", John Baldwin said as he recorded the moments after the discovery: He was among two men walking to work around 5 a.m.at the complex off Red Oak Drive.

"I heard some crying and wining and crying, and I kept walking until I got closer to the noise, and then I look at the ground and there was a baby down there", Albert Peterson, the man who found the baby, told KHOU in Houston.

Investigators said a trail of blood near the bushes led them to a nearby apartment. "She was there on the ground in the flower bed with ants".

Detectives knocked on the apartment's door, but the residents refused to open it.

"I picked the baby up, and the baby had mucus and blood and all kinds of stuff all over her body".

"Had this neighbor not been here, we'd be taking a gander at a manslaughter", Harris County delegate Thomas Gilliland told the news station.

"I'm in shock. There's a hospital, not even a block down the road and if the mother was so anxious about the infant's safety she could've easily gone to drop off the baby", resident Roger Coreas said. "It's a miracle the child was found".

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Once the Texas county sheriff's deputies were finally allowed inside, they spoke with a 21-year-old woman who appeared to live in the Cypress Creek apartment complex unit.

The baby girl was transported to the hospital for evaluation and is in good health, the Daily Mail reports.

Both the mother and another person were taken into custody.

You may take your baby to any hospital, fire station or emergency medical services station in Texas.

The newborn's mother, in this case, could face charges of abandoning a child, deputies said.

All 50 states have safe haven laws to protect babies from abandonment and infanticide.