D.Va Nerfs Her Defense Matrix To Receive New Ability

D.Va Nerfs Her Defense Matrix To Receive New Ability

In a recent post on, the team is now internally testing different changes for the mech operating gamer. While it seems like D.Va's finally found her place in the current Overwatch dive meta, Blizzard has some bigger plans for this Korean tank hero.

Overwatch has a D.Va problem.

Defense Matrix: Energy drain increased by 2x. This ability will continue to be quite powerful, although the uptime is sure to be tinkered with so that it's not used so much. This means her effective uptime for this ability has been reduced by 50 percent. She will also be able to use her Fusion Cannons while she is flying which will help give her more mobility to move and deal damage.

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Goodman made note that D.VA's damage dealing has to be balanced out with her Defensive Matrix, which manages to block bullets and other projectiles.

The nerf of Defense Matrix is not necessarily a bad thing. Interestingly, Micro Missiles can be activated while using any of D.Va's other abilities, including when she's using her Fusion Cannons.

Goodman said the new Micro Missiles ability, in combination with the ability to fire while flying, will allow for more aggressive play, as well as opening up new strategic options against heroes such as Pharah. While the ability is still extremely useful, the reduced uptime means that you won't be able to use it almost as often anymore. The cost, obviously, is that her Defense Matrix won't be as readily available. In doing this, they just wanted to nerf the ability and not D.Va herself as a hero. "She has been a ton of fun to play with these changes, and we're looking forward you letting you guys play with them as well". Blizzard hasn't stated when these changes will hit the Overwatch PTR, but there's a chance we'll see it in the next patch.