IPhone 8 Tipped to Feature Resizeable Home Button, Gets Leaked in Videos

IPhone 8 Tipped to Feature Resizeable Home Button, Gets Leaked in Videos

Talking first about the HomePod leak, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has found out that the home button on the iPhone 8 will be resizeable and that the phone will offer an option to hide the indicator as well. These new features are expected to significantly increase the iPhone 8 price tag.

We've previously heard plenty of rumours about the iPhone 8 ditching the physical Home key due to its vast expanse of edge-to-edge OLED display real-estate, and we've also heard about the so-called "Function Area" which is said to be a specific portion of the display dedicated to taking on the Home key role, as well as, as the title would suggest, a series of functions. Designer Maksim Petriv‏ created three different versions. A separate video has again showed the black colour variant of the smartphone as well. A lot more than the other iPhone models. Some critics say that the iPhone 8 is causing iPhone sales to drop because most of the potential iPhone buyers wish to just wait a few more weeks until the new smartphone is launched.

The iPhone 8 is set to launch next month.

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The report from The Korea Herald quoted a source as saying, "The iPhone's rear design has not yet been finalised". This can possibly mean that the company can be considering implementation of fingerprint sensor at the back as well.

The black iPhone 8 replica that was shown has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S8. Some people might think it's insane to release the "old-looking" iPhone 7S Plus alongside the futuristic iPhone 8, but as Danny points out in his video, there is likely to be a few people who want the classic navigation options and appearance of the iPhone 7S Plus over the iPhone 8 which is a drastic change from the usual iPhone design. Now that there is this much information for you to gulp, take a breather and let it all sink in.

The HomePod software has already alerted Apple watchers to plans for a complex new facial recognition system, as well as slow motion 4K video recording with both rear and front facing cameras.