Story campaigns coming to World of Tanks on console

Story campaigns coming to World of Tanks on console

This single-player content could be the result of the recent partnership Wargaming struck with Splash Damage, but according to the press release is the first in a number of single player campaigns that will be added to the game in the future.

"War Stories is the next evolution for our brand", said TJ Wagner, Creative Director and Executive Producer at Wargaming's Chicago-Baltimore studio. These story driven campaigns will feature both single player and cooperative play, showcasing alternate history and fantasy campaigns told across three mission arcs.

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War Stories will see the traditionally online PvP tank blaster roll into some interesting new solo and co-op scenarios, such as the invasion of Britain during WW2, or a conflict that kicks off with the Cuban Missile Crisis. The second campaign Flashpoint Berlin, transports tankers to an alternate history of the Cold War as a convoy of Western Allies tread across Soviet territory on the path to West Berlin. That covers everything from movement to sniping, as well as details on tank performance and armour. Their work includes the highly acclaimed Dark Souls II, Just Cause 3, Terminator, RoboCop and the Dark Horse comic series World of Tanks: Roll Out, which released earlier this year in the USA and Europe. Fans of the Xbox versions will have even more to celebrate.

On top of this, War Stories will be a Xbox One X launch title come 7th November 2017, and it looks real good in 4K! They can utilize cross platform capability no matter which Xbox platform they are using - including voice team chat across all three generations of Microsoft hardware. These new campaigns will also include additional PS4 trophies for players to earn.