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Trump tells Calvo he's behind Guam "1000%"

Trump tells Calvo he's behind Guam

In the phone call Mr Trump goes on to praise the island's beauty, which he says he has seen in news reports about the missile threat.

"So, with all the criticism going on over there, from a guy that's being targeted, we need a president like you", said Calvo.

"In time", the advisory says, "you will be able to leave a fallout shelter".

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo had a brief conversation with President Donald Trump on Friday, in which Trump told Calvo he supports Guam "one-thousand per cent".

The Pacific island nation - an unincorporated territory of the USA - was this week threatened by Pyongyang with missile strikes, which has been widely condemned by the global community.

Mr Calvo responded by agreeing his home was "paradise" and had "99 per cent occupancy".

Trump assured Calvo that "We are behind you 1,000 percent".

And he told the former hotel magnate, "We have 95 percent occupancy and after all of this stuff calms down we're going to have 110 percent occupancy".

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It was a response to Trump's unusually stern warning to the DPRK on Tuesday, when he said "North Korea (DPRK) best not make any more threats to the United States".

Guam Homeland Security additionally released a fact sheet on how to prepare for an imminent missile threat.

"If caught outside, do not look at the flash or fireball - It can blind you".

"You know what, that could looks so lovely to me", Trump said. "But you're going to be taken care of".

While Calvo seemed to accept Trump's reassurances, not everyone is on the same page.

. "You are safe", Trump reassured Calvo at the start of the call.

Tensions have escalated between the US and North Korea as the communist regime continues testing and expanding its nuclear program, reporting this week that it can now fit nuclear warheads on missiles.

On Aug. 8, Trump told reporters than any threats from North Korea would be met with "fire and fury," comments which helped aggravate an already tetchy relationship between the two nations. God Bless the people of Guam and God Bless the United States of America.