Walmart uses Google's AI shopping assistant to fight Amazon

Walmart uses Google's AI shopping assistant to fight Amazon

Google Home is great at answering queries as it hooks into Google's vast trove of information, but if you're looking to make purchases with your voice, Amazon's Echo reigns supreme.

By making its products available on Google Assistant, Walmart is opening up a new avenue for sales, one that could be a major growth driver for the retailer in the future.

Google and Walmart on Tuesday announced a partnership that will make the retailer's products available on the internet giant's online shopping mall.

Besides having thousands of items to choose from - everything "from laundry detergent to Legos", the tech titan says - you can also have a personalized shopping experience by linking your existing Walmart account with Google.

Indeed, it's hard not to see today's announcement from Google and USA shopping giant Walmart in terms of Amazon's growing ambitions. The Google Home has bid an offer for the commerce functionality just like the Amazon has done with Alexa's voice.

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Lore wrote "It makes sense for us to team up with Google". They've made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping experience.

Walmart, which has more stores than any other retailer and the largest share of the US grocery market, is also working hard to close the gulf online between itself and Amazon. Wal-Mart is also working with ride-hailing service Uber to deliver groceries in Orlando and Dallas, and is testing warehouse automation with start-up Symbotic to match Amazon's Kiva warehouse robots.

To sweeten the deal, Google Express is getting rid of its membership fees, which were previously $10 (£7.80) per month or $95 (£74) per year.

The initiative launches on September 1, and will be offered with a free one- to three-day shipping service, depending on the size of the order.

Walmart is integrating its Easy Reorder feature - which has data on both store and online purchases - into Google Express.