Gasoline uncertainty spreads across DFW, Railroad commissioner say "no gas shortage"

Gasoline uncertainty spreads across DFW, Railroad commissioner say

Fears of a fuel shortage due to the effects of Harvey are causing long lines and empty pumps at stations all across the Austin area. The challenge is getting the gas to the stations.

Douglass said the demand for gas will result in "spot outages", and this spike in prices and harder-to-find fuel will be only temporary. Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton addressed the panic Thursday afternoon at a press conference to dispel the gas shortage rumor.

If residents see their neighborhood stations are all out of gas, they're encouraged to drive a bit farther to find a stations with gas.

"Price gouging and running out of gas should not be a problem".

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"So people who wouldn't ordinarily buy gas until next week or the week after are racing out to buy gas and that's depleting the supplies as well", Mason said.

Officials said while there isn't a shortage, prices did go up.15. Motorists are going to have to wait for supplies and prices to return to normal.

"As Texas begins the recovery process in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it is important that Texans have access to much needed resources, including gasoline and fuel." said Governor Abbott. Gas prices nationally could hit as high as $2.75 a gallon.

Mason said drivers can expect this to continue for possibly another week before all refineries are back in production, shipping their regular amounts.