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Microsoft, Facebook Gear Up for New Battle on DACA Program

Microsoft, Facebook Gear Up for New Battle on DACA Program

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum called the government's action "indefensible" and said Trump was "playing chicken" by giving Congress six months to improve DACA or cancel it.

The lawsuit says the Trump administration has not provided the same assurances and has instead chipped away at policies put in place within the federal bureaucracy to protect information that young undocumented immigrants provided.

In commenting on the suit, the S. Department of Justice noted that DACA was implemented under an executive order by former President Barack Obama, not through congressional action. "So they give you a month to extend up to 2 years".

Two - Leezia Dhalla and Maria Praeli - work for, an immigration advocacy organization that Zuckerberg founded alongside other tech leaders.

The states ask that the Court prevent the federal government from "using data gathered for the DACA program in immigration enforcement".

In a rarely-seen move to directly influence the U.S. politics, he added "this is a call to Congress to fix this mess before the United States experiences the estimated $280 to $460 billion reduction in economic growth from the loss of Dreamers in our workforce, as estimated by some studies".

It's still not 100 percent clear what exactly is going to happen with the Obama-era program that temporarily protects many undocumented teens, tweens and young adults from being deported to a country that, to majority, is as foreign as Mars. "If they can't, I will revisit this issue!" Real protections will only come from your signing the DREAM Act. He was responding to Congress' failure to pass legislation that would protect the de facto rights of persons brought to this country as children, who know no other home, and are as American as I am. This suggests that, as a group, they contribute more to the broader economy than the average immigrant worker.

"Dreamers are Americans in every way except a piece of paper", she added.

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"The Trump administration and Attorney General Sessions" decision today to "rescind' DACA is but another example of an anti-equal opportunity, anti-civil rights agenda that has no basis in fact", Sharpton said. "That's what they need to do".

Yet, not all people are against Trump administration's decision.

President Michele Perkins calls on Congress to act quickly to resolve concerns of students.

. Without work permits, undocumented immigrants are more likely to take any job they can, even work that falls far below their skill or education level.

Trump's entry into the debate presents a wild card in the view of the Dreamers' defenders, including many in the business community. But we are certain that as stories of hardship emerge, the White House will hardly be immune from criticism. But since then, the president described himself as conflicted about Dreamers, saying he wanted to show "heart".

The onus of protecting the DACA participants is now back on the US Congress, who would have to take on the urgent task to pass one of the versions of the pending legislation - either by continuing to provide temporary legal protection and potentially by providing them an eventual path to citizenship. "It's too early at this point to say what it will be", Jawetz told RealClearPolitics.

UNM Medical Student Yazmin Irazoqui Ruiz, a representative of the New Mexico Dream Team and a DACA recipient herself, was grateful to the UNM students that banded together Tuesday. "Here at Univision we will continue to stand by them, including those talented Dreamers working at our company to advance our mission of entertaining, informing, and empowering the Hispanic community and the rising American mainstream we serve".

"I'm heartened by the enormous support we're getting".