National Basketball Association could give Adam Silver power to fine teams for resting players

National Basketball Association could give Adam Silver power to fine teams for resting players

The draft lottery reform highlighted the NBA's drive to eliminate tanking from the league, but the competition committee has gone one step further.

The Association wants to give even odds of landing the first overall pick in the NBA Draft Lottery to the bottom three teams in the standings, a big change from the 25 percent odds the worst team in the league now has.

Under the current lottery, the NBA's worst team has a 25 percent chance of landing the top pick, with the second- and third-worst having 19.9 and 15.6 percent, respectively. This new plan will make the three equally share a 14 percent chance, with odds of ensuing teams to drop incrementally by one or two percent.

In addition to this proposal, another is on the table to reportedly give Silver more discretion in fining teams for resting players.

Change could be coming to the NBA Draft Lottery in the near future, but not too many small market teams are thrilled about it. Two-thirds majority will have to be in favor of the lottery reform for it to pass, and the board will be voting on it on September 28, in NY.

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The punishment for losing the draft lottery is also slightly worse.

The biggest proposed change in the draft lottery process is the new odds at the No. 1 overall pick. "And of course, the home team home fans can see that team many times".

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnorowski, one proposal includes commissioner Adam Silver having the ability to fine teams for resting healthy players during nationally televised games. The worst team could drop to fifth under the new plan, down from fourth.

For the 2017-18 season, the National Basketball Association has reduced the number of back-to-backs teams have to play to deter them from resting players in a big road games, but the new rule would be another way to discourage teams from sitting star players in important matchups.

The NBA rid the 2017-18 season schedule of back-to-back games around nationally televised appearances, giving teams less reason to sit out players for high-profile games.