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Trump Calls to 'Cut Off Loser Terrorists' From Internet Following London Attack

Trump Calls to 'Cut Off Loser Terrorists' From Internet Following London Attack

The National Health Service said 18 people had been taken to hospitals and that another four had sought medical treatment on their own.

In a later tweet on Friday morning, Trump took credit for progress during his administration in combating the Islamic State terrorist group, asserting that more had been done in the past nine months than under Obama's eight years in office.

In short remarks to reporters, Trump said he had been briefed on the explosion but did not elaborate on what he meant in his reference to Scotland Yard.

During the telephone call, Trump conveyed his sympathies and prayers for those injured in the attack, the White House said in a statement.

Asked about the President's tweets, British PM Theresa May said sharply: "I never think it's helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation". President Donald Trump didn't respond with condolences or messages of solidarity. Trump said in the second tweet.

A former adviser to Theresa May, Nick Timothy, responded to Trump's tweets nearly instantly, questioning whether it was based on actual intelligence.

Trump has lobbed trans-Atlantic criticism after previous attacks.

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Trump lambasted London Mayor Sadiq Khan in June, when the local official tried to call for calm after a van plowed into a crowd of people.

Speaking after chairing a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee, British Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to rebuke President Trump's comments.

"We don't even know who the suspects are so it's a bit hard to say", a Metropolitan Police source told The Independent.

Around that time, the president himself came under fire for reportedly disclosing classified material gathered by close ally Israel. In May, Trump created an worldwide scandal when he made a decision to share highly sensitive counterintelligence information with Russian officials during an Oval Office meeting.

The ban ignited much controversy, prompting Trump to tone down the language in a redraft of the order.

"The travel ban into the United States should be far larger, tougher and more specific-but stupidly, that would not be politically correct!" he wrote on Twitter. He added, "Must be proactive & nasty!" As a candidate, Trump often pledged to "bomb the hell out of ISIS" and vowed to enact a Muslim ban.

The version of the ban permitted by the Supreme Court is Trump's second pass at the policy, which originally banned residents of seven Muslim-majority countries.