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UK Prime Minister miffed with Trump over terror tweets

UK Prime Minister miffed with Trump over terror tweets

Similarly, May fumed to Trump after US media published leaked information about a British police investigation into the bombing of the Manchester Arena in May that killed 22 people.

A president doesn't take to Twitter to engage in a stream of thought speculation after a terrorist attack.

Trump told reporters Friday morning that he had been briefed on the explosion and said he planned to call May. "It just keeps going and going", and suggested that the USA may not be tough enough on terror.

The most recent attack before Friday was a van and knife attack on London Bridge in June.

That followed other tweets the president made on the attacks where he called the terrorists losers.

"It is not something we would comment on", a spokeswoman said.

About 22 people were injured in the bomb black that rocked a London Underground train on Friday.

In last one year, the United Kingdom has been the target of a string of Islamist-related terrorist attacks.

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Nick Timothy, a former senior aide to the British premier, dismissed Trump's tweets, saying it was "so unhelpful from [the] leader of our ally and intelligence partner".

"Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!" he continued.

He tweeted, "Must be proactive & nasty!" As the attack unfolded, Trump on Twitter advocated for his court-blocked "travel ban", calling it "an extra level of safety".

Trump later told reporters that the attack "is a bad thing".

One of America's oldest and truest allies would appreciate it if Donald Trump would keep his opinions to himself. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on October 10 on the legality of the bans on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries and refugees anywhere in the world.

Trump is using the incident to defend his travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement that his city will not be defeated by terrorists.

Under the order, foreign nationals are banned for 90 days from six countries - Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen - and refugees lacking a link to the USA are barred for 120 days.