Facebook messenger lite is coming to these countries

Facebook messenger lite is coming to these countries

The application has 50+ million downloads now, showing that it has been a hit in the countries it launched.

Now the messenger lite is making its way to US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. Originally, Messenger Lite rolled out to 5 countries when it launched in 2016. There are still no plans for an iOS version.

Facebook's apps are infamous for the amount of data and battery they soak up, which has led to some people ditching the social network's ever-growing suite of apps.

Once you've got the app on Android from the Google Play Store you'll then need to open up the app and sign in with your normal account information, much like if you were setting up the normal Messenger app on your phone.

Messenger Lite integrates many critical features of the app, but skips things like Messenger Day and Snapchat selfie lenses that can filter data.

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WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Facebook but operated as a separate entity, is also popular in emerging markets. Its Lite apps are therefore smaller than 10MB to download, and run on less system resources.

According to commentators, while the Messenger Lite helps people in places with sluggish mobile connectivity, users who would rather escape the snowballing features on the main app will also find it useful.

Earlier, the company launched the Messenger Lite in the countries having areas with weak bandwidth so the app would operate quicker. And where there are friends who can't use an app, people end up switching to one they can.

Regarding design, Messenger Lite looks just like the previous version of the regular Messenger app, with the tabs instead of a bottom bar.

Messenger Lite is admittedly an odd prospect in markets like the United States and the UK.