Las Vegas mass shooting reignites gun debate

Las Vegas mass shooting reignites gun debate

"It's time to put the rights of your fellow citizens not to be shot dead over the rights of men like Paddock to by 47 guns and annihilate a crowd of country music fans".

The owner of the gun store who sold the shooter some of the weapons say "We obviously did not sell him these firearms with the intent that he would hurt anybody in any way".

Shortly after the Pulse nightclub shooting, 55 percent said they favored stricter gun control laws, 42 percent were opposed.

But listening in Washington to Republicans, who traditionally align closely with the powerful pro-gun lobby the National Rifle Association, it appeared gun control measures were off the table in the days after the massacre. "The investigation's not even been completed".

The shooting is now the largest mass shooting in recent USA history.

But none of the other proposals watering down our already weak gun laws should be moving forward, either.

Well, in most cases, it isn't legal for ordinary people to buy automatic weapons. Voters have overwhelmingly approved common-sense laws to strengthen background checks and empower families to keep guns away from a loved one in crisis.

But on Tuesday, as the nation mourned the deaths in Las Vegas, House Speaker Paul Ryan shelved the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act.

"We do everything right, we can't control what someone does once they leave this store". Our legislature has supported efforts related to mental health and suicide prevention.

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The Legislature and Congress should be moving in the opposite direction of greater public safety through reasonable limits on gun purchases and use.

Some Republicans suggested emotions were too raw to begin the discussion.

"I said I would look at it".

Senator Thune is sparking controversy for comments he made to the media.

Toomey told reporters he would be willing to reintroduce his background check bill.

After tragic situations like what happened in Vegas, the USA can not afford to take chances when it comes to endangering innocent lives.

"This is a public health crisis we're facing here in the United States", said Dr Joseph Sakran, a professor and trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and one of the co-authors of the new research.

If the shooter did acquire these weapons through illegal means, then he was wasting his time, because he could have purchased every single rifle by simply walking into his local gun store. While the USA constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, we all share an equal responsibility to make the USA a safe place to work, live and play.

"This is extremely personal to them in trying to figure out what to do", Senate Republican James Lankford told Fox News Radio, referring to Murphy and other Democrats whose communities have been ravaged by mass shootings.