Microsoft Edge Browser now Available for Android at Google Play Store

Microsoft Edge Browser now Available for Android at Google Play Store

For users that have not opted out of personalized recommendations, Microsoft can display targeted advertising in the start menu, Edge, and other apps.

If you use the same Microsoft Account in the Microsoft Edge app on Android that you use with Windows 10 then you will be able to push content to those devices.

The Edge browser on Android utilizes Chrome's Blink engine to render pages instead of EdgeHTML engine.

It's now official that Microsoft's own mobile OS is on its deathbed breathing it's last. The Microsoft Edge preview for Android is now live, but getting it is a little more complicated than simply going to the Google Play Store and performing a search for the browser. What that means again is that you might come across bugs and instability that could affect its performance.

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To the very right of the voice control icon on the main interface is the one for scanning QR codes and barcodes which is a feature that's often seen as an extra capability of various apps though usually isn't prominently featured in browsers. There is Continue on PC, which lets you pick up things from where you left off between your mobile device and PC. The browser also asks you to share anonymous data with it for the goal of helping its creator improve it going forward, which is both a common and optional request for such an app to make.

On Friday, DPA said that they conducted a thorough investigation of Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro operating systems, and found that the users are not clearly informed "about the type of data it uses, and for which objective". It is not made sufficiently clear that at the full telemetry level, Microsoft continuously collects data about the usage of apps and web surfing behaviour through Edge, including for example news articles that have been read and locations entered into apps. The update itself is set to roll out globally on Tuesday, October 17th, but can be downloaded early if you enroll in the Windows Insiders program which is both free and relatively easy to do. Full telemetry, meanwhile, sends detailed data on app usage and browsing histories through Microsoft Edge. Autoriteir Persoonsgegevens, the Data Protection Authority (DPA) for the Netherlands, is accusing Microsoft of violating data protection laws with the Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro operating systems. Microsft has also put in a QR Code Reader and Voice Search but Cortana and ad block plugins are not yet there.

While the browser war intensifies, Microsoft can only continue to push its Edge browser further across popular operating systems if it wants to remain relevant and not be pushed out of the market.