Pixel 2 launcher APK download works on older Androids

Pixel 2 launcher APK download works on older Androids

At first, it sounds unusual, but later we realized that it is useful, you can also get this Pixel style interface on your Android device by just installing a 3MB application. Originally believed to be exclusive to Google Clips and the Pixel 2, a new version of the Google Camera app adds Motion to the original Pixel and Pixel XL. We think you should be able to do the same thing with Google Assistant no matter what device you use.

One of the more convenient additions to the new app is a more prominently featured exposure autofocus lock which is available in the form of an icon situated above the exposure slider alongside the right edge of the screen.

Do note that Pixel style navigation bars are not included, for that you have to install Xposed framework separately anyway let's get back to the Pixel 2 Launcher. However, most everything else, including App Shortcuts and the new "at a glance" widget, seems to be working as it should.

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The top toolbar containing shortcuts for flash, autofocus, HDR+, and other functionalities now spans nearly all the way to the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the user interface. Additionally, the option for Face Retouching and maybe even Portrait Mode should be there. Of course, to be able to use it, you would need actual AirPods to go along with your Android smartphone.

Basically, what the app does is to make it easier for you to call on your Google Assistant when you're wearing your AirPods.

As the company continues to work out these little (but many) discrepancies, it shows that they're not giving up on the problem and continuing work to improve the user experience.