Samsung Odyssey VR headset offers Oculus-like experience

Samsung Odyssey VR headset offers Oculus-like experience

Still, Microsoft picked the branding since it may eventually incorporate other sensory aspects of augmented reality into the headset, hence the mixed reality name. The Korean company will bring to the table a handset for a room-scale virtual reality.

The new Samsung device is a good addition for the Microsoft's Mixed Reality lineup and it surpassed the other headsets from Microsoft partners.

Microsoft also said that it had acquired AltspaceVR, a California virtual reality software startup that was building social and communications tools until it ran into funding problems earlier this year.

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The announcement was made by Microsoft at a press event in San Francisco, on 3 October. The HMD Odyssey has two AMOLED displays, a microphone to talk to Cortana, Windows controllers for motions, and inside-out tracking.

The devices unveiled Tuesday include a Samsung headset called the HMD Odyssey [pictured here]. They have a wider field of view at up to 110 degrees and a higher resolution at 1,440 x 1,600 per eye than any other Windows VR headset on the market. While VR headset adoption rate is still quite slow Samsung wants to offer the best and latest of the technology when users actually start getting the hang of it. That is slightly less attractive following the price cuts to both the HTC Vive ($599) and Oculus Rift ($499) this past summer, but save for mobile implementations like Samsung's Gear VR, the cost of entry is lower than it has ever been.

Anor characteristic that resembles Oculus Rift is that Samsung has also developed built-in headsets for Odyssey. So not only Samsung has followed the specs that were referenced by Microsoft, but they have also exceeded them. The point is, it was a chance for us to start to play with Microsoft's fantastic new technology and for you to get to stand toe-to-toe with an Elite (yes, I may have whimpered a little my first time in).