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Trump Courts Conservatives at Value Voter Summit

Trump Courts Conservatives at Value Voter Summit

Other Trump administration figures are also slated to address the group on Friday, including White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and former White House aide Sebastian Gorka.

President Donald Trump reviewed his accomplishments this year in a speech to social conservatives. "The American founders invoked our creator four times in the declaration of Independence, four times". "How times have changed".

Since taking office, Trump has made numerous voting bloc's priorities a reality, from putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, to issuing a religious liberty executive order, to weakening the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate.

Trump is referring to his Attorney General Jeff Sessions' broad and sweeping directive that will help protect those anti-LGBT bigots who say their religious freedoms are being impinged upon.

Just last week, based on this executive action, the Department of Justice issued a new guidance to all federal agencies to ensure that no religious group is ever targeted under my administration.

'In America, we don't worship government, we worship God, ' Trump said. You see it every day.

Trump also talked of the courage and resilience he saw when visiting victims of the recent deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas and while touring areas devastated by hurricanes in Texas and Florida - and knocked negative media coverage of his administration's response to devastation in Puerto Rico.

Calling his efforts "substantially ahead of schedule", Trump declared that "we are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values".

"We love our families".

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"Everyone here today is brought together by the same shared and timeless values", said the thrice-married socialite and reality TV star who was once recorded bragging about grabbing women "by the pussy", yet who gained strong backing from Christian evangelicals in last November's election.

President Donald Trump's evolution from twice-divorced casino owner viewed warily by Christian conservatives to evangelical favorite defending religious liberty was on full display Friday as he promised conservatives a return to traditional American values, including restoring "Merry Christmas" to the national discourse.

Trump laced his remarks with other comments about faith.

Speaking to the gathering in September of past year, Trump addressed what had been a lingering question during the GOP primaries about his ability to reach and win over the party's evangelical bloc - and the then-candidate said that their loyalty to him would be reciprocated.

You can read President Trump's full Values Voter Summit speech here or watch it in full here.

But since announcing his presidential run in 2015, he's proven to be dependent on the support of groups like the Family Research Council.

The President ended the historical address with a call for unity and praise for the resilience and goodness of the American people. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome us", Trump said.

'We protect religious liberty, ' he said.