A Hitman TV Series Is In The Works

A Hitman TV Series Is In The Works

For no reason that we can imagine someone is trying to make a live action Hitman again.

Deadline Hollywood reports that a TV series based on IO Interactive's franchise is in the early stages of production for Fox 21 and Hulu. The 2016 Hitman game, however, featured an episodic release format that had Agent 47 traveling around the globe and slowly uncovering a mystery. Whatever the case, let's just hope that the TV series doesn't follow in the footsteps of the 2007 and 2015 Hitman movies, which were both a load of old arse. Handled on behalf of the organisation by Diana Burnwood, Agent 47 is known as the deadliest and most efficient killer of the bunch.

Kolstad, who wrote the first two critically-acclaimed John Wick films and the upcoming third installment, will serve as an executive producer on the new Hitman series.

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As reported by Deadline, a pilot script is now in the works for a Hitman series, with the intention of airing the series (should it get picked up from the pilot) on Hulu. As of right now though, an actor has yet to be chosen for the role of Agent 47. After all, when it comes to huge triple-A gaming titles, movies and series tend to be a bit... lacklustre (I am looking directly at you, Resident Evil 7: The Final Chapter and Assassin's Creed).

The popular video game series has been adapted for the silver screen twice before in the past. Agent 47 introduced the character as an enhanced supersoldier played by Rupert Friend.