A month after parole release, OJ Simpson back in trouble in Vegas

A month after parole release, OJ Simpson back in trouble in Vegas

If Simpson was drunk, he could be in violation of parole terms, though a witness says that Simpson abstained while other members of his party drank wine.

The recently released ex-NFL star was cordial to security, but he has since been permanently banned from the hotel, sources claimed.

TMZ said he frequented the bars at the Cosmopolitan, one of Vegas' high-end casinos that opened when Simpson was in prison, since he was released.

Simpson, 70, got angry with the workers, prompting security guards to respond and remove him from the hotel. When they arrived, O.J. was reportedly nice and cooperative with them as they removed him from the premises. He served nine before being released on October 1.

Simpson, who now lives in Las Vegas, contacted his parole officer on Thursday and underwent drug and alcohol tests, which were negative, according to the attorney.

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Simpson was found guilty of 12 charges including conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery, assault and kidnapping with a deadly weapon, CNN reports.

Laying low isn't really in Simpson's nature.

According to a report from a Memphis, Tennessee news network, part of the evidence was an audiotape on which Simpson can be heard shouting orders to his companions and the two dealers, including,"Don't let nobody out this room".

He denied that Simpson was intoxicated or belligerent while at the Las Vegas Strip property.

The former actor was acquitted of the double-murder of his ex-girlfriend Nicole Brown and her pal Ron Goldman in 1995.