Again!?! April the Giraffe could be pregnant

Again!?! April the Giraffe could be pregnant

April the Giraffe really can do just about anything, even grant wishes! Millions of people tuned in to watch the pregnancy, labor and birth of a baby born to the now-famous mother giraffe, April.

"I can not confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy", Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch said on "Good Morning America" Thursday.

Patch did say, following the birth, that he was betting on welcoming twice as many visitors to the park as the previous year. As to whether the next April pregnancy would be live-streamed, Patch seemed to tease that it would be a possibility. Adding, "Are we ready for another giraffe cam, world?"

April's pregnancy and baby Tajiri's birth made the Animal Adventure Animal Park, just outside of Binghamton, an worldwide sensation.

Thankfully, there's little to no wait if you simply want to see everyone's favorite giraffe family.

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Now 7 months later, young Tajiri, Patch said this morning, is "already approaching about 10-feet in height" and added that April has "been an unbelievable mother" to him.

Reached today, Jordan Patch said he couldn't say whether April was, indeed, pregnant. Animal Adventure Park runs a live camera feed every day of the week between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET.

In the meantime, April has her hands full taking care of six-month-old Tajiri, who is already 10 feet tall.

The long-necked sensation netted a massive fanbase over the course of her 15-month pregnancy earlier this year, scores of them eagerly following her journey on a social media livestream set up by the Harpursville zoo.