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Bahrain claims Iran behind 'act of terror' explosion at oil pipeline

Bahrain claims Iran behind 'act of terror' explosion at oil pipeline

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Bin Abdullah al-Khalifa described the incident as "an act of sabotage and a unsafe act of terrorism aimed at harming supreme interests of the homeland and safety of the people".

Bahrain has accused Iranian terrorists of blowing up a strategic oil pipeline and causing a massive inferno near a hospital and market.

"It seems the only thing that Bahraini officials have learned to do after any incident in the island is pinning the blame on Iran", Qassemi said in a statement on Sunday.

The explosion damaged cars and nearby buildings, forcing firefighters to evacuate the neighbourhood.

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Meanwhile, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the Kingdom's strong condemnation of the blast that led to a fire in the oil pipeline near Buri area in Bahrain.

Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Dr. Abdullateef Al-Zayani also strongly condemned the intentional blast that occurred on Friday near Buri Island in Bahrain that targeted an oil pipeline. No injuries reported, civil defence teams are extinguishing the fire.

The explosion forced the key pipeline to be closed temporarily, prompting concerns over the potential impact of gasoline production in Bahrain.

Iran has quickly moved to deny allegations it was behind the militant attack. However, it potentially opens a new front in the low-level insurgency plaguing Bahrain since its 2011 Arab Spring protests. Over the past few days, tensions have risen sharply in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia has charged Iran with involvement in Yemeni Houthi fighters' missile attacks on the kingdom.