Caitlyn Jenner: The real truth is I cross dressed with Kris

Caitlyn Jenner: The real truth is I cross dressed with Kris

"I would stand up there and tell my story year after year after year and deep down inside I was feeling like I cheated the audience", she said.

"I tried to be honest in my book".

"I've lost all relationship with them, yes, I don't talk to any of them anymore", she explained. She also claimed her ex Kris Jenner knew about her gender identity issues.

During a Q&A at The Cambridge Union Monday, Caitlyn opened up about her family's reaction to her book "The Secrets of My Life".

"It's devastating when your kids do that", she said. In fact, it's been two years since she's spoken to Khloé Kardashian.

However, we doubt Caitlyn's eager to rebuild her relationship with the Kardashians as she keeps shading them in public. In the book, she opened up about the progression of her life-from struggling with dyslexia as a child, to winning an Olympic medal, to coming out as a trans woman.

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Caitlyn answered: "Yes, so yes I was honest to that point, I'm sure I downplayed it quite a bit but I was honest with her".

However, it turns out that a current family rift has run a lot deeper than we initially presumed - with Caitlyn Jenner having shared that it has now been a full two years since she communicated with Khloe Kardashian, and "doesn't talk to any of [the Kardashians] anymore".

Caitlyn and Khloe infamously fell out after Caitlyn told Vanity Fair, in a 2015 interview, that Kris Jenner was not supportive of her desire to transition.

"I mean, I feel like it's taken her a really long time to be honest with herself", she said at the time. "I had my own little getaways where I could go be myself", Jenner claimed.

"I've got so many letters from trans youth saying they've contemplated suicide and not done [it] because they say I've seen how strong you are and I can be strong too", said Jenner.

She had hoped to finally bury the hatchet at her biological daughter Kendall Jenner's 22nd birthday, but things didn't work out the way she intended.