Communities Who Depend on Affordable Health Insurance

Communities Who Depend on Affordable Health Insurance

Board chairwoman Kathy Crompton said the foundation was anxious that the cut in marketing funds combined with the shorter enrollment period would put people at risk of losing their coverage.

On Nov. 1 - the first day of enrollment - more than 200,000 people signed up for a 2018 plan, compared with about 100,000 people on opening day a year ago.

Not only that, more than 200,000 have already enrolled for the plan, which is double the number of people who signed up for it a year ago.

The momentum has been sustained this week, the sources said.

Capierseho attributes the rate increase to President Trump cutting off cost-sharing reduction subsidies to insurance companies.

Once 26 is reached, there is a special enrollment period.

Standard & Poor's forecasted that Obamacare enrollment could drop as much as 1.6 million Americans, compared to last year's total enrollment of 12.2 enrollees.

Officials at state exchanges reported an uptick as well. That gives people a narrow 40-day window to sign up for ACA, since enrollments are closed on Sundays and one also has to account for the Thanksgiving holidays.

The Post's article quoted one state official who said this year's numbers may even set a record, and it's "a big surprise".

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Medicare open enrollment ends December 7; go to for more information.

Enrolling on is easy.

The cuts "will make a difference of as much as several thousands of dollars for people who may be receiving generous subsidies, and young adults will make a choice whether to keep that or let it ride and throw the dice", Raimer said.

"Don't ignore the deadline if you are uninsured", Headrick wrote on local news outlet Knox News. This leaves insurers, organizations and "navigators" with more responsibility to get the word out. Most of these professionals have 10 or more years of experience in the industry.

Access Health CT is making it easier for people to sign up by staffing 10 enrollment locations - up from two previous year - as well as holding five enrollment fairs, which it is promoting heavily.

Lodes' fellow co-founder at Get American Covered, Joshua Peck, recently estimated that the administration's pullback on enrollment promotion efforts will lead to at least 1.1 million fewer people signing up for Obamacare plans this season compared with last season. You can learn about that on, too.

So: How do you go about persuading people to sign up for health-care coverage that half of Congress despises, that the president is actively seeking to disrupt, and that may not exist in the foreseeable future?

Peck told CNBC that the impact of the Trump administration's moves "is pretty grim".