Finally the great Android Burger Emoji Crisis of 2017 solved by Google

Finally the great Android Burger Emoji Crisis of 2017 solved by Google

The second one, the clinking beer glass emoji, had the same mistake.

Apart from the Google CEO, the debate also led to a lot of Google employees pitching in to prove that the Android burger deserves a place. Android users running the Android 8.1 developer preview can access the new burger emoji immediately. Google has finally made a decision to correct their seemingly wrong cheeseburger emoji which had the cheese under the burger patty. But for now, I think the forgiving process can begin.

According to Emojipedia, a site that tracks the emoji universe and all its changes, the burger design has been updated in the forthcoming Android 8.1 release, announced on Monday.

It was provoked by Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, who tweeted a screen shot of Apple and Google's burger emojis side by side, raising questions over where the cheese should go.

Sundar Pichai's tweet on the issue
Sundar Pichai's tweet on the issue of"burger emoji"Sundar Pichai Twitter

So egregious was Google's error that CEO Sundar Pichai stepped in, promising to "drop everything" to address the cheeseburger issue. The cheese emoji now has "deeper" and darker holes, making it even more cheese-like. Samsung, for instance, has its own version of hamburger emoji. The new version will also replace the original version of Google's cheeseburger emoji that had the sitting cheese underneath the patty.

Android 8.1 is under developer preview now, the full release is expected in late 2017. In Android 8.0, the mug had a weird space between the beer and the froth, but Android 8.1 fixes that by bringing the beer all the way to the top. The discussion was exclusively based on the placement of cheese in Google's burger emoji.The discussion gathered a lot of attention on Twitter and many other social media platforms.

So finally the great Android Burger Emoji Crisis of the year is over, now its time for Apple to get into the game, which puts lettuce on the bottom of their burger.

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