How The Last Jedi will tie into Star Wars: Battlefront 2

How The Last Jedi will tie into Star Wars: Battlefront 2

The game certainly comes with much more content than its predecessor, and new details provided by EA give us a good luck at what post-launch content we can expect in the weeks to come. "Rian will do wonderful things with the blank canvas of this new trilogy".

On December 5, players must choose a side. This all new chapter of Star Wars Battlefront II's single-player story mode will be available December 13. Your favorite stormtrooper-turned-hero Finn joins the fight for the Resistance and Captain Phasma steps on to the Battlefront for the First Order. This choice affects which special challenges you take part in that grant specific faction rewards. Whichever faction is victorious in completing the most challenges that week will get a reward as well: a special Crate of high-power upgrades for Finn or Captain Phasma. The first DLC for Battlefront 2 will be centered around the upcoming film Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi that releases next month on December 15th. They can be purchased with in-game Credits that week.

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Hamill is right - while it would be interesting to see an evil clone of Luke, the Star Wars sequel has a new set of heroes and villains for a new generation. The plan is to continue rolling out content on a regular basis, with your faction choice affecting outcomes well into the future. Throughout December, your chosen faction's progress will be reflected in-game, which sounds like a "Star War" happening in real time. Poe Dameron's X-Wing will get some upgrades, while Tallie Lintra's A-Wing will be unlocked. The studio's announcement, however, makes it clear the new trilogy will break away from the Skywalker storyline and introduce new characters. Johnson is teaming with Ram Bergman, his longtime collaborator who after producing the Johnson-helmed Looper and Brick, produced The Last Jedi with Kathleen Kennedy.