Netflix subscribers beware of email scam

Netflix subscribers beware of email scam

To confirm who really sent an email, click on the downward arrow next to the sender's name in Gmail.

Complete with Netflix logos and a legitimate looking layout, the bogus email is a far cry from the mistake-ridden emails often associated with scammers - leading tech experts to urge users to be extra cautious.

The streaming platform has 110 million subscribers today, and as it plans to spend $8 billion on original content next year, Netflix can possibly reel in even more customers in the coming years.

While this is a great way to protect yourself from this specific credit card fraud attempt, you should always make sure to double check that any email you receive that asks for sensitive personal information is what it claims to be.

The company says if you clicked the link and provided any personal information, you should immediately change your Netflix password and contact your financial institution. Once these details are entered, scammers have enough information to steal your identity, or gain access to your bank account or credit card.

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There's another email scam targeting Netflix subscribers, according to a report from Deadline Hollywood. The email tells customers that their account is about to be canceled and that Netflix needs their billing information.

Aside from the error with the recipient name field, this email looks quite convincing.

Netflix confirmed that the emails are fake and don't come from the company.

Netflix said it is aware of the ongoing scam, adding that the company takes security seriously and has measures in place to detect fraudulent activity. This email originated from the asking the account details of the users.