Payment Option Soon For WhatsApp Users?

Payment Option Soon For WhatsApp Users?

Users can now remove messages sent to both individuals and group chats, provided that all parties have the latest version of WhatsApp and the sender is fast enough. That can be handy if you sent something to someone by mistake, you made a typo, or you regretted saying something, and so on. We'll talk about this in detail here, but let's see how it might look like, that's how the payments in WhatsApp will work, as per many reports.

However, there are three caveats that go with this.

WhatsApp on Tuesday announced it has officially rolled out its most anticipated feature "Delete for Everyone" that allows its over one billion users revoke their messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or a group.

This could be the end of drunk texts, mistaken booty pics and the like. WhatsApp warns that "recipients may see your message before it's delete or if deletion was not successful". WhatsApp is working on an in-chat payment option. So it seems like it's still rolling out to users and hasn't been turned on for everyone just yet. Users can tap more messages to delete multiple messages at once.

Under the "Attachment" option in a WhatsApp chat, the feature will reveal a "Rupees" symbol.

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Messages can only be recalled within a seven-minute window after sending them, and there is no way to alter this once it has gone beyond this timeframe. So for those who haven't updated their apps, they are going to miss out on the chance to delete any of their sent messages. Earlier it was not possible to delete such messages immediately before users read them.

Also, all devices must feature the latest version for message deletion to work.

This is what will make the whole Digital wallets rivals lose their minds because WhatsApp already has the user base, the audience and with just an update, this feature will be live, for everyone using Whatsapp no need for a separate app or to make accounts.

Apps such as Telegram, WeChat and Viber all have similar features, and WhatsApp has been testing such a feature for a number of months now.