Super Mario Run Fails to Generate 'Acceptable Profit' for Nintendo

Super Mario Run Fails to Generate 'Acceptable Profit' for Nintendo

It's incredibly popular, with over 200 million downloads, but "we have not yet reached an acceptable profit point", for the game, said Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo, in a briefing about the company's financial results.

Super Mario Odyssey has sold-through 2 million copies since launching four days ago on October 27.

"By releasing this product against a backdrop of maintained and growing buzz around Nintendo Switch, which also has continually high usage rates, we think this will give us a big edge heading into the holiday season".

On the bright side, the report goes on to say that Super Mario Run has allowed Nintendo to reach markets it was never able to with its traditional consoles. A little noise plays whenever the speed of the jump rope is increased, so we recommend playing Super Mario Odyssey in docked mode while playing the mini-game, as the speakers of your TV will likely make it easier to hear the woman's shouts alongside the noise.

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Nintendo sold 7.63 million Switches, and it hasn't even been on sale for a single Black Friday yet. Even with the shortages that followed nearly immediately after its release, Nintendo managed to sell more than 2 million units within a month of release.

Added Kimishima: "We will continue services for applications that have already been released, and we will continue releasing new smart device applications on the order of two to three per year". Super Mario Galaxy 3, please.

Super Mario Odyssey is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide. And it sounds as if the model hasn't quite delivered the goods for Nintendo, with an unsatisfactory number of downloads being converted into purchases.