Taylor Swift Takes 'SNL' Stage With Songs From New Album 'Reputation'

Taylor Swift Takes 'SNL' Stage With Songs From New Album 'Reputation'

Taylor Swift kept things simple - or at least as simple as she'll go - for her appearance as musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" on November 11, the day after her sixth studio album "Reputation" was released.

"She performed ".Ready For It?" complete with backup dancers and dance track, and an acoustic version of "Call It What You Want" from her new album "Reputation".

Are you ready for it?!

Over the course of 15 songs, Swift masks her bitterness under a coat of radio-ready hooks that nearly cause listeners to forget she's singing about pop culture headlines and petty feuds. But Taylor's voice isn't all some viewers could focus on.

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Taylor Swift has shared one of the most fun traffic reports we've seen in a long time!

And it seems like those fans were right!

So maybe it's safe to say that the old Taylor isn't completely dead. This is a new Taylor, one that not everyone is going to like or take seriously. A lot has changed since 2009, and "Reputation's" raw sound and venomous lyrics were on full-display Saturday night.

"[Taylor] also said about how the paps are really rude and would yell mean things at her like she's pregnant", she continued. It was an interesting dichotomy to her first performance, and a glimpse into the internal struggle contained within Reputation's running time.