The iPhone X might have a little green problem

The iPhone X might have a little green problem

Apparently some iPhone X units are developing an issue with a green line going vertically across the display.

First, it was iFixit who did a teardown of the iPhone X to better understand its internal structure, now SquareTrade, an insurance company that provides extended warranties for mobile devices and other electronic devices, carried out breakability tests on the iPhone X to check what happens when it slips out of one's hands. Some users are also reporting a completely blacked out screen that wouldn't turn back on. The company says it is working on a software fix to prevent the screens from locking up. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again. A new issue apparently is cropping up where a thin lime green line is showing up along the edge of some displays.

While Apple enthusiasts are struggling to get their hands on the newly released iPhone X, which is in a limited demand. In its statements, Apple has said that they're aware of the issue and it'll be addressed in an upcoming software update.

Looks like the Google Pixel and LG V30 aren't the only flagships in town having display issues.

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Users will be rightly concerned about all of this, as Apple is selling the iPhone X for a base price of £999, with the top model retailing for a frankly ludicrous £1,149. Still, there are other issues that Apple does acknowledge, like the blue shift and screen burn-in screen issues.

Apple's premium smartphone, iPhone X went on sale around the world on November 3 for $999. Apple should be pushing a fix for the freezing screens soon and with much of the country heading into winter, that will be helpful.

Are you facing some weird issues with your iPhone X?