Tiffany Haddish Makes History With SNL Debut

Tiffany Haddish Makes History With SNL Debut

"Listen fellas, listen, OK - if you got your thing-thing out, and she's got all her clothes on, you're wrong!" "I want to say thank you to anyone who paid their taxes between 1990 and 1999", she said, "because if you didn't pay your taxes, I wouldn't be standing here today". You're in the wrong. "Has this been happening forever?" Sessions then quickly decided, "Nah!"

The opening sketch also dropped the show's first Louis C.K. mention.

But it was Weekend Update that held its gaze on C.K. and the current climate the longest.

In a statement on Friday, C.K. said the allegations were true. In one of the most fun moments of the new episode, the audition room for Disney's new vision for The Lion King became a showcase of some spritely new impersonation routines, ranging everywhere from a Lin-Manuel Miranda original rap to Oprah Winfrey ushering in the circle of life herself.

Haddish cracked jokes about her newfound wealth (or lack thereof), her childhood growing up in foster care, breaking the fashion taboo of wearing the same dress in public a couple of times, and all of the sexual assault allegations in the news.

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Co-host Colin Jost then went in on the sexual assault allegations flaring up newsfeeds, bringing out Cecily Strong as a frazzled "Claire from HR". So what is the appropriate way to handle a workplace relationship? "SNL's" Roy Moore responded: "You sure about that?"

When agreeing with Jost that it's such an easy question, she said she didn't understand why it had to be on the quiz and squirted Purell hand sanitizer into her mouth.

The next question involves a prop doll.

Tiffany Haddish - who made history Saturday as the first black female stand-up to host "SNL" - delivered a lively monologue and talked about how she gets her news from chatter at the beauty salon.

"SNL" returns next week with host Chance the Rapper and musical guest Eminem.