Watch Dogs will be free on PC for a limited time

Watch Dogs will be free on PC for a limited time

"Its shallow narrative and bland protagonist detract, but those looking for a finely-crafted open world game that eschews parody and satire for an overall darker tone will have a great time in Watch Dogs' digital Chicago". This isn't a trial or a "free week", they're simply giving the game away.

Of course, by the time Watch Dogs 2 came out the shine had come off, and sales dropped significantly.

Watch Dogs is now available on Steam for $29.99, so whatever your thoughts on protagonist Aiden Pearce, the Grand Theft Auto-meets-hacking gameplay, and Uplay in general, this seems like a pretty good deal.

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Ubisoft has even implemented a pre-load section so that you can download the game today and play it tomorrow when the deal begins. While the game isn't ideal, it's still a free title, if you have some free time, download it and check out the fictionalized world of Chicago.

"While it is not the much hoped revolutionary piece of gaming experience, Watch Dogs manages to provide a superb open-world sandbox experience that puts more focus on stealth than any of its peers". Still, it's a free game and great if you already have a UPlay account.

It's free to download and if you want the chance to play Watch Dogs then, by all means, give it a whirl! While Watch Dogs 2 looked juvenile and childish at first glance, as it turns out, the glib and colourful meme-filled presentation wasn't the worst thing about it.