Waze App Gains Support for Motorcycles, 'OK Waze' Voice Control, Carpool Lanes

Waze App Gains Support for Motorcycles, 'OK Waze' Voice Control, Carpool Lanes

The most useful of these is a new hands-free capability that promises to work just like Google Assistant - just say the wake phrase "OK, Waze", and you'll be able to control the app using your voice.

Waze uses crowdsourced data to provide real-time routing suggestions and arrival time estimations.

Waze is getting a couple of new features today as the Google-owned navigation app targets two-wheeled motorists and doubles down on its safety credentials.

Earlier this year, tougher penalties for mobile phone use behind the wheel came into force.

However, riders will get a dedicated set of features including more accurate ETA times that may be different to drivers because of the ability to manoeuvre through traffic and being notified of smaller roads that can be driven on, but are too narrow for cars.

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If using this works for you, Waze details how to enable it, depending on which category you fall under. Talk to Waze is launching in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand with English as the only supported language, though Waze assures us that more languages are coming online shortly. The team behind the crowd-sourced navigation app says that this is one of the "biggest Waze app updates ever", and for good reason.

If you're riding with several people in the vehicle, head to Settings, tap Navigation, tap Add Toll/HOV pass, and select from a list of HOV passes in your area. Those who qualify for carpool lanes because they're driving a hybrid or electric auto must go to Settings Navigation Vehicle Type.

In Canada, HOV lane support is only available in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, while 22 markets in the US gain support for this too.

Motorcycle mode will offer routes that have been optimized for bikers based on where other Waze users who are on motorcycles are riding.

For the first time, Waze are launching a new motorcycle mode, enabling the 1.1 million motorcycle, moped and scooter owners* to finally beat the traffic and become part of the 90m strong global Waze community. To use motorcycle mode in Waze, go to Settings Vehicle Type Motorcycles.