American Airlines pilots agree to fly holiday flights after scheduling glitch

American Airlines pilots agree to fly holiday flights after scheduling glitch

The plan should calm travelers' fears about their holiday flights.

A scheduling glitch left American Airlines without pilots for holiday flights, CNBC said. Normally, the pilots wouldn't be able to drop flights unless someone can cover them, but the error allowed any drop requests to go through, and "an extraordinarily large number of pilots" planned around it, Mr. Overman said.

A problem with the company's employee scheduling system has allowed many pilots to schedule vacation days during the Christmas week and now thousands of flights do not have assigned pilots.

American spent the past week giving updates about ongoing successes filling flights, and on Thursday it said most flights had already been staffed. Reserve pilots are generally those at American with the least seniority.

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As of Friday, American said it had arranged to have pilots for all but a few hundred flights and was working to fill the rest. In short, if Santa is flying, so is American. "As always, when there's a need, the American Airlines team comes together to take care of each other and our customers".

The APA has filed a grievance with the company as they say "management unilaterally created their solution in violation of the contract, neither APA nor the contract can guarantee the promised payment of the premium being offered".

"If American is your only viable option, consider scheduling your flights a day or two earlier than you might otherwise just in case your initial flight is canceled and your plans are delayed", she said.