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Doctors fired after 'dead' baby wakes up on way to funeral

Doctors fired after 'dead' baby wakes up on way to funeral

A premature baby, who was found alive after being declared dead by Max Hospital, breathed his last on Wednesday with his father refusing to take the body demanding arrest of the erring doctors.

But an hour later the baby's grandfather Praveen Mallik discovered that the body bag the child had been placed in was moving.

The boy and his twin sister were born prematurely at 7.35am last Thursday, but the girl was stillborn and the boy pronounced dead at 1pm. As the shattered family were taking the bodies of the babies to a cremation ground, they noticed some movement and found one of the infants alive. "I was shocked. I couldn't believe my eyes", Malik said in a previous CNN report.

The hospital said: "We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident".

The boy was then taken to hospital in a critical condition. "Our final demand with the government, with the world, is that we need justice", he said.

"We didn't get anything from the government except false promises", he said.

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"We don't want to keep our baby at Max Hospital".

Max Healthcare fired the two doctors considered responsible earlier this week, but emphasized that the decision to let the doctors go should not be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

"We wish to clarify that this action should not presuppose finding of any lapse by the expert group and should not be construed in any way to be anything other than an expression of our continued commitment to providing quality healthcare".

Dr KK Aggarwal, the national president of the Indian Medical Association, ruled out criminal negligence, instead describing the incident as a "mistak". The difference between a mistake and negligence is deliberate action.

A preliminary report by the Delhi government's panel found the hospital to be guilty of not following the norms while dealing with newborns. "Once we get that we will take strictest possible action according to law", Mr Jain told reporters in Delhi.

According to reports, police sources said that if the allegations were found to be true, the hospital might be charged for extortion.