Five Die From The Flu In NC

Five Die From The Flu In NC

The Georgia Department of Health reports there is flu activity in the state, with 22 people ending up in the hospital due to influenza. So far, there have been 105 hospitalizations associated with the flu statewide. He stated that the United States could have a bad flu season.

Exploiting a previously unnoticed genetic mutation may restore the effectiveness of the popular nasal spray version of the flu vaccine.

Doctors worry it could be be similar in the Uninted States.

In addition to holidays and sweater weather, winter bring with it a less than welcome event: flu season.

The perspective called for more research to be done in developing a universal flu vaccine, which could protect against all seasonal flu variants and strains and would eliminate the need for people to get flu shots each year. The viral pieces used in these vaccines are not living organisms but genetically engineered proteins that can be grown and propagated in bacteria, making the use of eggs unnecessary.

Furthermore, the vaccine is only 10% effective against the main strain of flu. Viruses have a tendency to mutate over time, which makes the vaccine less effective. Not true. Although most people will feel generally terrible, older people, young kids, pregnant women and people with underlying health issues are at a greater risk for complications from the flu.

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"The flu season is building", Bregier said.

MYTH 4: Everyone receives the same type of flu shot. Next to older people, young children 6 months through 4 years of age benefitted most from flu vaccine in terms of the percentage of deaths averted.

Trivalent vaccine The traditional vaccine created to protect against three different flu viruses-two A viruses and one B virus. There are also immune-boosting influenza vaccines for those aged 65 and above, and preservative-free versions for pregnant women or those who are allergic to mercury.

If you get sick, look out for severe aches and pains in your muscles and joints, notable fatigue and weakness, headaches and a high fever.

Hare sums up what doctors around the world say; It " s better to get a flu shot than not. It can cause serious complications or illness for those with chronic conditions, and healthy individuals are just as likely to catch the flu virus.