Google is cracking down on apps showing ads on the lockscreen

Google is cracking down on apps showing ads on the lockscreen

However, overall internet penetration in India still appears to be in nascent stage (10.1% of the population, says Google, at the time of writing this) despite widespread adoption of 4G and related services, thanks to Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio.

In the latest update to their Google Play Developer policy, Google has begun advising developers that apps that display ads in the lockscreen, unless that app is for a lockscreen, will no longer be allowed on the Play Store.

Also, security researchers are of the view that the spyware was most probably used for targeted attacks against a limited number of people chosen for some unknown reason.

The Google Play Protect team wrote, "If a Tizi app is unable to take control of a device because the vulnerabilities it tries to use are all patched, it will still attempt to perform some actions through the high level of permissions it asks the user to grant to it, mainly around reading and sending SMS messages and monitoring, redirecting, and preventing outgoing phone calls".

"Google Play supports a variety of monetization strategies to benefit developers and users, including paid distribution, in-app products, subscriptions, and ad-based models", the company said.

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Datally helps users do three things. Turn on the Data Saver bubble to block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using each of your apps-it's like a speedometer for your data.

Tests of the app in the Philippines had shown that Datally could help save users up to 30 per cent on their data, Google said. It can also access photos, contacts, call logs, calendar events, Wi-Fi encryption keys, and a list of all installed apps.

And in the interest of saving your data, Datally will alert you when you're near public wifi, and help you connect. It shows you graphs of how much data you're using on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. Once you're done, don't forget to rate the network quality to help other users.

Final Words, there is no better than Google which makes the usage of an Android smartphone simple. If you are using Android, you can also limit your data consumption by navigating to Settings Mobile data usage and set a data limit.