Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics coming to the PS4 on December 6th

Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics coming to the PS4 on December 6th

The first game, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy has been available on PS4 for some time.

Truant Pixel with help from PlayStation US, Japan and even Naughty Dog built this PS4 dynamic theme, combining "multiple disparate elements into a single piece of theme software which mimics the sights, sounds, and functionality of the Playstation 2 Dashboard".

Before Naughty Dog made Uncharted and The Last of Us, the development studio worked on many great Jak and Daxter games on the PS2.

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Jak II was released in 2003 and revolutionized the game players had already come to enjoy by giving Jak his own voice after the original let Daxter do all the talking. This served as a springboard for narrative experimentation, leading to a lot of the masterpiece quality work we see from them today. In the games, Jak and Daxter fight evil forces and prove that good will triumph over in the end. This was the start of something special, and the franchise continued to reach new heights with the release of Jak 3 and Jak X, in part because of this one simple addition.

Together, the entirety of Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter installments will be playable on the current Sony platform.

By giving Jak a voice, it allowed Naughty Dog to explore new narrative techniques that allowed them to create a grittier world with a much more developed and evolved storyline. You'll have the option of either purchasing the games in a bundle or individually, though anyone who's played Jak and Daxter will likely go straight for the bundle.