John Travolta: 'My John Gotti film wasn't pulled from release'

John Travolta: 'My John Gotti film wasn't pulled from release'

John Travolta has hit out at what he calls "fake news" regarding the reasons behind the cancellation of his new movie Gotti just ten days before its theatrical release.

"I've been struggling for the past few weeks with John, and Phil Glasser, to put this deal together with Lionsgate, which wasn't initially ready to give it up", Walson said.

The source added that Lionsgate was happy to sell the film back in order to give Travolta and producers the opportunity to rollout the movie as they wanted.

The feature film directorial debut of Entourage star Kevin Connelly, Gotti showcases what is described as a breakout performance Travolta as the Teflon Don, head of the Gambino crime syndicate that became the racketeering/loansharking/murder-extortion scourge of '80s NY. The report does not indicate exactly why the film was dropped, but it is likely because it is probably not as good as the studio as hoped or that, especially considering the current pressure around Hollywood at the moment, some allegations have come up which the studio felt they couldn't support.

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The news of the film's rescheduled release comes a month after Travolta was accused of sexual battery on a 21-year-old male. "We signed this deal about three weeks ago, to purchase back the film from Lionsgate", Travolta told the outlet. "That is the simple explanation for this". Lionsgate meant to give it a "minimal release".

"Our mistake was we should have said something right then, and discussed our plan for the film", Travolta said. "We didn't anticipate this speculation that is so grossly wrong".

Travolta's real-life wife Kelly Preston co-stars as Victoria Gotti, while veteran actor Stacy Keach plays Gotti's mentor Aniello Dellacroce.

Gotti was set to debut on 15 December (17), but disappeared from the film company's schedule on Tuesday (05Dec17), after executives sold the project back to bosses at the production company Emmett/Furla/Oasis. We'll find out sometime next year.