Now you, too, can consume Power-ups with Super Mario Cereal

Now you, too, can consume Power-ups with Super Mario Cereal

If this is legit, and it certainly seems like it is, Super Mario Cereal could already be on your local supermarket's shelves as we speak.

The back of the Super Mario Cereal box is cool as well, with a maze that you can finish. Fortunately, Kelloggs has finally confirmed production of a cereal resulting from their collaboration with Nintendo. Well, aside from Snacktaku, which will doubtlessly be putting Nintendo's breakfast treat to the test. The best part is that just like the '80s Nintendo cereal, the new rumoured box will also contain a special prize inside in the form of an Amiibo, which will apparently unlock something in the Super Mario Odyssey game.

In stores in North America as soon as December 11, Kellogg's Super Mario Cereal is a mixed berry cereal with Mario-themed marshmallows.

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We still have a month to go and Super Mario Odyssey could still be dethroned by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Breath of the Wild, but the latest solo Mario adventure now has a firm grasp as the top video game sold by the mega e-tailer in 2017. From 1986 to 1989, it partnered with Ralston Cereals to produce Nintendo Cereal System - boxes of which now sell for upward of $100 if they're in good condition.

And if Twitter is any indication, people are excited, to say the least, further strengthening my Mario-fans-love-kids'-cereal theory. In addition to collectible Super Mario Odyssey™ box art, each Super Mario Cereal box functions as an amiibo™ accessory, making breakfast a more playful experience.