NVIDIA Shield Will Bring Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games To China

NVIDIA Shield Will Bring Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games To China

Some of the more popular games that can be played in China include the classic Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! for the Nvidia Shield microconsole in China. Now, according to a report from Nintendo Wire, the Shield TV will soon pick up certain Wii titles. Wii will be making their debut on the Shield, which is a pretty insane concept to wrap your head around.

The NVIDIA Shield sells for around 1,499 RMB, or $227, while each of the Nintendo games costs around 68 RMB or $10. Wii to its Shield home entertainment device.

Unfortunately, as the story goes, there's now no reported plans of bringing any of these titles outside of China. Voice search, however, is swapped out with Baidu in the country as pointed out by Engadget.

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The Nvidia Shield would come with a special gamepad. Games like Super Mario Galaxy are listed as "coming soon" too. However, there is no word on when this controller would be launched, notes Comicbook. For Nintendo, that means handing out one of its signature titles to a rival. Metroid Prime is also apparently incoming. Other games from Nintendo's GameCube and Wii catalogs will be released for the Shield in the future... including Super Mario Galaxy. A long-lasting ban on consoles, which was lifted in 2015, prevented Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft from reaching consumers there. In September, it announced plans to release Tencent Holdings Ltd.'s Honour of Kings for Nintendo Switch. All of the official communications about the deal stress that it's specifically for the Chinese market, so don't go expecting Nintendo to roll out official PC support elsewhere in the world.

Kimishima outlined Nintendo is "aware of the vast size of the Chinese [gaming] market, but we are not selling [the Nintendo Switch] in that market at present".