Pamela Anderson Claims Harvey Weinstein's Victims "Knew What They Were Getting Into"

Pamela Anderson Claims Harvey Weinstein's Victims

"When I came to Hollywood, of course, I had a lot of offers to do private auditions and things that made absolutely no sense", Anderson said. Try not to get in autos with outsiders #rideresponsibly-Don't go to Hotel rooms alone for a tryout. If someone answers a door in a bathrobe, leave.

"I know that Hollywood is very seductive and these people want to be famous". Her controversial comment on Weinstein's accusers that they knew what they were getting into when they went to the former movie mogul's home alone, drew the attention of people and become the subject of criticism.

Pam Anderson's accused of victim blaming the women who came forward against Harvey Weinstein. Anderson's victim-blaming continued with her questioning why women didn't bring company along for their meetings - suggesting the fault of Weinstein's sexual misconduct lay with the women he targeted rather than himself. That's not a good excuse, ' Anderson said.

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Anderson explained her encounter with Weinstein to Kelly.

She then seemed to contradict herself. You're never going to work in this f###ing industry again, you son of a f###ing bitch.' He's so intense. And yet, she said, "I'm going to be open-minded to Trump turning over a new leaf and perhaps being more like a president". My message is consistent throughout - I'm a deep thinker / I have a unique perspective. and outcome is part of my life. She said that women shouldn't have had any reservations in meeting with Weinstein since their agents likely set up the meetings. My position isn't "hazardous" in light of the fact that I doesn't fall in accordance with the regular group or pattern. He called me back and shouted, 'You're Pamela Anderson; you're lucky I'm even putting you in a f###ing film. "I'm trying to tell women as a survivor of childhood abuse myself - It is important to be proactive as an adult who knows better - in defending themselves". This is great. I am also an advocate for men. I have confidence in adoration and duty and good judgment. I think it's very smart to be proactive. "Women are powerful and smart and we can use all our charms in more positive ways". What's the problem?' And I said, 'No. I vowed to protect them and only them. I just naively said, "Well there must be a number 2 then, so I'm not interested".

"I played the Invisible Girl, with an invisible dog", she told Kelly. It is the manner by which I feel sheltered and ensured in a sexual relationship.A monogamous sweetheart is the best and most overcome darling there is.