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Truck drivers circle Capitol, honk during protest

Truck drivers circle Capitol, honk during protest

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced November 20 that in advance of the December 18 implementation of the congressionally mandated electronic logging device rule, and to further facilitate transition to the rule by motor carriers, the agency will be providing guidance related to enforcement procedures during the ELD transition.

The results are in, and the #ELDorMe Monday media blitz campaign made truckers' concerns about the upcoming mandate for electronic logs heard loud and clear. The truckers say they will be forced to raise their costs of service because it will take them longer to compete their routes while using an ELD.

Regulations require truckers to take a 10 hour break, uninterrupted after a maximum of 14 hours on-duty. "I've been driving for going on for 28 years and I've run paper all these years...just like anything else, if it isn't broke don't fix it". ELDs are simply a more modern and efficient way of recording a driver's hours-of-service. "In general, it does seem likely that the market will experience some tension from the ELD mandate because it does remove some flexibility to the management of hours that the market historically has taken", he added. The 14 hour clock is the 14 hour clock. Since truck drivers are paid by the mile and not the minute - most claim the electronic readers will negatively impact their bottom line "When I get to a place the clock is ticking. that means I can't do another load".

"This is a violation of our privacy", said Harry Singh, President of the United Independent Truckers of America.

Truck drivers circle Capitol, honk during protest

But for drivers like Tyron Smith Sr., they feel the ELD system is flawed.

"If I'm driving 74 miles per hour and I see a vehicle easing up on me, I will usually let off and let the auto go on, but after the ELDs go into effect I can't give that courtesy anymore because every time I let off the accelerator I lose money". "It tracks you from the time you start work to the time you stop during the day", Darrell Wright explained. "How is that safe?"

"We don't need them".

For more information on ELDs visit elds/electronic-logging-devices. "They see they are stopped and basically threaten their jobs". "It's really about making the roads safer, and I think it's really about accountability, making sure everyone out there is running off of the hours that are available, the hours of service have not changed".

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