Tyrod Taylor injures knee during Bills' loss to Patriots

Tyrod Taylor injures knee during Bills' loss to Patriots

Taylor was forced out of Sunday's game against the Patriots with a knee injury.

Rookie coach Sean McDermott made the questionable decision to start Peterman, a fifth-round pick, against the Los Angeles Chargers on November 19. Not exactly happy that Taylor got hurt, but thrilled that they could use this as an excuse to be done with the era of Tyrod.

It wasn't immediately clear when Taylor was hurt, although he came up limping and favoring his right leg after being sacked on the game's opening play.

Nathan Peterman took over at quarterback for the Bills early in the fourth quarter against the Patriots.

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The Buffalo Bills are kind of a train wreck and have been for some time.

Before exiting on a cart with a towel over his head, Taylor stumbled through one of his worst games of his three-year career as the Bills starter.

But a significant player loss, to what seems to be a significant injury, may force a quarterback switch yet again.

CBS continued to show Taylor in pain here and there, but he looked good for most of the rest of the game.