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Welcome to the 'Serena Williams Building'

Welcome to the 'Serena Williams Building'

If there was ever a question that Serena Williams is one of the most beloved athletes not just in tennis but in all of sports, Nike is confirming it by naming a building after her.

Check out photos of what the buildings will look like at the Nike website. "Nurse that baby as long as you can, they grow up too fast". "I didn't intend to go so long, but I breastfeed my oldest for 18 months and my youngest for 13 months". "No one is pushing the third off, so she's still breastfeeding for comfort in the pm/am despite already starting pre-school". "Whatever works best for you and your baby", another user offered.

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"Both of mine self-weaned 15 months and I was v emotional about finishing, especially second time round because I knew I was done for good". She married her sweetheart Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian in an extravagant New Orleans wedding, had a handsome baby daughter and now Nike will literally erect a building in her name.

The tennis champion, 36, took to Twitter today to reach out to other mothers and inquire about their own experiences with nursing.