Dan Gurney found success in every top-tier racing series

Dan Gurney found success in every top-tier racing series

In a Formula 1 career that spanned 1959 through to 1970, Gurney won four grands prix, including the 1967 Belgian GP at the wheel of an Eagle, for Gurney's own racing auto manufacturer team, All American Racers.

His wife, Evi, announced his death in a statement distributed by All American Racers, Inc.

Andretti's respect for Gurney endures today, as he offers his condolences (as does his son Michael) and shares memories.

That same year, he claimed victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours for Ford, racing alongside fellow American AJ Foyt, after which he set in motion the trend for spraying champagne on the podium.

He is the most recent Formula 1 driver to have won in a vehicle of his own construction.

Dan Gurney found success in every top-tier racing series

His IndyCar career resulted in the creation of the Gurney flap aerodynamic device, while in NASCAR he won five races at Riverside in California.

Gurney had built cars - badged "Eagle" - which were raced by the likes of Bruce McLaren and Geoff Brabham across F1 and Indy respectively, as well as having driven them himself.

A colossus in every sense of the term, his outstanding talent as a driver was matched by his extraordinary achievements as a team owner, a manufacturer and an innovator.

President of the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), Scott Atherton in a statement said, "The word "legend" can sometimes be overused, but in describing Daniel Sexton Gurney, it's the only word that fits".

In 2016, in an academic paper that reported a mathematical modeling study that assessed the relative influence of driver and machine, Gurney was ranked the 14th best Formula One driver of all time. He said he was inspired by the late American racing legend.

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