DISH Set Top Boxes Get Voice Control Through Google Assistant

DISH Set Top Boxes Get Voice Control Through Google Assistant

LAS VEGAS-If you own a TiVo, you'll soon be able to control it through your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

In November, Dish started shipping their newest, second-generation voice remote to customers who order a Hopper DVR. Right now, there was no mention of recording, but that limitation is also with Alexa. Existing Hopper owners could order the new remote for $20.

You can use Google Assistant to show you directions from Google Maps, do video calling on Google Duo, listen to music and check out your daily schedule.

"Google Assistant will follow you, from your phone...or from future headphones that will have a voice assistant built in".

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TiVo also announced an If This Then That (IFTTT) channel for its DVRs, which will further expand what you can do with your TiVo. "We have been through a lot of work to achieve this with [our] high end speakers - it's.relatively easy in small devices [like Echo or Google Home] but more hard [for us]".

At least that's how Google, Lenovo and JBL are choosing to call them, while LG seems to adopt a less pompous, more obvious "touch screen speaker" marketing label.

DISH announced that its customers will have the ability to watch Hands-Free TV using the Google Assistant in the coming months. Adding Google Assistant will make Dish's TV service one one of the friendliest for voice control. Dish will support multiple languages, including English and Spanish, and allow users to navigate, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and search TV content via voice.