Mario Tennis Aces Serving it Up Fresh for Nintendo Switch

Mario Tennis Aces Serving it Up Fresh for Nintendo Switch

And early this morning a collective sigh across the Nintendo fan-base was felt around the world as Nintendo delivered a quick update on what's coming to the Switch in the first half of 2018.

Fe was announced back in 2016, as part of EA's indie game publishing initiative, EA Originals. Pokken Tournament will receive the Deluxe Battle Pack DLC. This month adds Aegislash as a new battle Pokémon and Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu as support Pokémon. On March 23, the second Wave will bring the battle character Blastoise along with a support set of Mew and Celebi. Both waves can be purchased right now.

The world's most cheerful puffball makes his Nintendo Switch debut on March 16.

The World Ends With You -Final Remix- will launch later this year for Nintendo Switch. You will also be able to play with any friend anytime.

There are free demos available on the Nintendo eShop for Kirby Battle Royale and Dragon Quest Builders. Which means we still don't know what Nintendo's big first party games are for this year. Breath of the Wild outfits for Link and Zelda are being added to the game as well.

This will be the first Mario Tennis with a story mode since Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Advance. The game also stars a large cast of other Mushroom Kingdom favorites, like Luigi and Wario, and this new entry even has a story mode of sorts. Luigi, Mario's brother, will host Balloon World. You can find him rambling about Persona and cute animals on Twitter. Then, roles reverse. Find the balloons hidden by your opponent before time runs out. He'll be swinging into the game this Spring via a new DLC pack. Like previous games in the franchise, "Tropical Freeze" puts Donkey Kong and the rest of his family through a perilous adventure across dozens of gorgeous, brilliantly crafted 2D levels. The Switch version of the game will include a timed-exclusive character name Joy, who's described as a "Japanese computer whiz".

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SNK Heroines Tag Team FrenzyThe ladies of the King of Fighters franchise have chose to ditch the dudes and are just kicking the crap out of each other instead. In the meantime, fans should stay tuned for a release date and more information on its controls and new scenario.

The port of the co-op heist shooter is making its way in February.

A flurry of new in-game abilities has been revealed for Kirby Star Allies.

Payday 2 will release in Europe and Australia on February 23rd, and in North America and South America on February 27th.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA is an action RPG that tells the story of two souls split yet united by fate. On the Switch version, you can use the joycons motion controls to affect the pitch of the songs, while also utilizing the HD rumble. Playing in Assist Mode lets players tweak the difficulty, from a slower pace to full-on invincibility.

You can now take one of the most infamously hard experience of the last generation with you wherever you go.