Prisoner Declared Dead Wakes Up On Autopsy Table

Prisoner Declared Dead Wakes Up On Autopsy Table

Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, 29, regained consciousness on Sunday just hours before an autopsy was due to begin.

However, the prisoner who has seven months left to serve of his sentence for stealing scrap metal, woke up snoring as he was being prepared to be cut open and demanded to be immediately released from jail.

Hospital sources reportedly believe the prisoner may have a condition called catalepsy, where a person's vital signs slow down so much they are barely perceptible.

The inmate's relatives have criticised the prison's officials, claiming they believe only one doctor had declared Jiménez dead and the others had simply signed without doing their job.

Doctors now believe Montoya may suffer from a condition called catalepsy, which causes a person's vital signs to slow down to nearly imperceptible levels.

"The court sent a forensic doctor who was the one who actually confirmed his death".

The first words Jiménez uttered after his awakening were about his wife, and he asked if he could see her.

Villabona prison where the inmate was found in Asturias Spain
Villabona prison where the inmate was found in Asturias Spain

He was placed in a bag and taken to Legal Medicine Institute of Oviedo for an autopsy to determine how he died.

Jimenez's family said he "had autopsy markings on him, ready to be opened up".

That's why medical professionals declared him dead because his pulse was so faint that they couldn't detect it.

It was not clear what caused the prisoner to appear to be dead.

Telegraph reports his family members revealed he had tried committing suicide by taking an overdose of anti-epileptic drugs, though the specific substances involved have yet to be confirmed. "If he goes in, he will come out as a body", Mr Montoya said.

The man, 29-year-old Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, was a prisoner at a jail in northern Spain. Shocked by his nephew's suicide attempt, he said he nevertheless understood it.

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